Learn from your local Trainers

Lokal delivers high-quality pre-recorded online workshops so that you can explore and create in your own time and comfort. In addition, we deliver thoughtfully curated Home kits to you to for the full immersive experience.

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Try your hand at local skills and crafts

Pre-recorded online workshops

You can learn from anywhere, anytime, and with anybody. Pause, play, or fast forward to your liking. Want to rewatch a particular segment on repeat? No problem!

Home-kits delivered to you

Want to learn something but don't know where to start? Get hands-on right away with our home kits that contain workshop materials you need to participate in the workshops. 

Taught by your local trainers

We don't have Alicia Keys or Gordon Ramsay here to bedazzle you, but we are confident that our lokal trainers will be here to educate and charm you with their passion for their craft.

Watch & create anytime, anywhere

Lokal was created for students to engage in workshops from anywhere, at anytime of the day. No more binding yourself to a fixed timing for a live workshop, or having to reschedule, or seek a refund when plans change.

In addition, all of our workshops come with a Home-kit so that you can get started right away without any hassle or inertia.

Frequently asked questions

What is Lokal all about?

Lokal is a platform for pre-recorded online workshops taught by our Lokal Trainers. When a user pays and enrolls in a Lokal Workshop, he gets access to the online content, and gets a Home-kit delivered to his door. The Home-kit contains the items needed to participate in the Workshop.

For Users, Lokal offers you convenient access to Home-kits and online content that teach you skills and crafts. It is suitable for Users of all ages, including parents looking for activities to engage their little ones. 

For our Lokal Trainers, Lokal helps with the production of digital content that they can monetise. Our proposition is simple - you can scale your business without having to rely solely on trading your time for money. Loka's goal is to help Trainers reach an audience larger than the his or her own organic community.  

Do I pay a flat monthly subscription fee or do I pay for each Workshop?

Users pay for each Workshop, instead of a flat monthly subscription fee. Lokal shares such fees with our Lokal Trainers. This pricing structure (i.e. charging per Workshop) will be more sustainable for the hard work required by the Trainers and Lokal team to produce the digital content you see.

Do I need to access the Workshop on my laptop/ desktop?

Lokal's website is built to be mobile responsive so you can enjoy our content on your mobile devices as well! We recommend watching our videos on a larger screen simply because you won't then have to squint your eyes. 

Are these Workshops 'live'?

Our Workshops are pre-recorded and are not live. Lokal's Workshops are unlike Zoom passes to live classes so you can watch our Workshops in your own time and convenience. 

What is a Home-kit?

Home-kits contain the materials required for you to participate in our Workshops. With our Home-kits, you won't have to source for your own materials so you get to participate in our Workshops right away! Home-kits are delivered to your doorstep and they take about 2-4 days to reach you from the day you order. 

Why can't I just watch Youtube?

You surely can! Lokal is different from Youtube mainly on three fronts.

Firstly, many of our Lokal Trainers may not have digital content other than the ones on Lokal.

Next, our Workshops are curated and programmed for you to get the best out of your 1-2 hours while content on Youtube channels may not be. It's similar to buying a textbook as opposed to searching for information on Google; you'll find pieces of information on Google, but it may not be as user-friendly and convenient as browsing a textbook. 

Lastly, we offer you Home-kits so that you can immediately apply what you learn as you watch our Workshops. This unparalleled convenience takes you from simply consuming the digital content, to getting your hands dirty and learning a new skill or craft. 

I have something to teach and I'd like to be a Lokal Trainer! How do I go about being one?

We're excited to meet passionate people like you! Hit us up at [email protected] and we'll get in touch with you. 

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