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3-day Art & Photography Camp | Gladys Soh x Gosh Kids

Over 3 exciting days, kids will get in touch with their creative side by diving into a hands-on exploration of the different types of artistic mediums. The kids complete this fun-filled adventure with a holistic understanding of art, design and photography. This helps unlock their deepest creative potential. 

Join Miss G on this exciting Art & Photo Camp with the rest of the Gosh Kids explorers! 

What are you paying for?

  • 3 days of workshops
  • 2 homework submissions for Miss G's comments
  • A holistic introduction to photography and art 
  • A guide to using the camera and basic photography techniques
  • An unforgettable creative experience

Lifetime access to online Workshop

Workshops are pre-recorded, so you can watch them from any where, any time, and on any device, We recommend screens of 13 inches or larger for best viewing experience. 

The use of Home-kit (incl. delivery)

We will ship the Home-kit to you within a few days after you make your purchase. If you require more than 1 set of the Home-kits, chat with us using the icon at the bottom right hand corner. Price includes the retrieval of the Home-kit.

What will you learn and  do?

Kids will learn about basic photographic techniques through an interactive exercise which will challenge them to create their own photos. 
📸  Taken by Lazare, 6 years old
Kids will enter a new dimension through a magical time of crafting their own kaleidoscope and incorporating it into photography. 
📸  Taken by Yu Shuang, 8 years old
Kids will learn about abstract photography and find ways to create their own unique and abstract portraits. 

What materials will Lokal deliver to you?

We will deliver to you a specially curated home-kit that contains everything you need for Gosh Kids’ 3-Day Art & Photo Camp with Miss G. Seamlessly slip into a world of creativity and discovery knowing that everything has been prepared for you. (: 

1. Canon camera on loan (we will arrange for its retrieval) 
2. All colourful craft materials, including acrylic mirrors, stickers, food colouring and more. 
Gosh Kids' Home-kit gets you started right away.

Workshop content

Excited to enrol your children in Gladys' one-of-a-kind workshop infusing art, photography, and creativity? Purchase now!


Gladys Soh

Gladys, aka Miss G, is the founder of Gosh Kids. Her passion for creative photography and her strong belief in the innate potential of children have led her to embark on the 3-year journey with Gosh Kids so far.

Before she began Gosh Kids, she practiced conceptual photography and graphic design - spot her signature colourful doodles in the videos! 

In her everyday life, she enjoys finding colour and documenting her inspirations at @gladyssoh on Instagram. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

About Gosh Kids

At Gosh! Kids, we empower our children through creative workshops, focusing on creative photography for children age 4 - 16.

Be it photography, craft or any art activities, we want to nurture their creative confidence by facilitating these engaging activities. We believe that this will encourage young explorers to think out of the box and find new adventures around them.

To find out more about Gosh! Kids, visit us on our website at www.goshkids.org.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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