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Basic floral arrangement | Rachel x The Weekend Florist

Fresh blooms are popular gifts. They may be expensive, but there is hardly anything out there which can replace the goodwill, warmth and smiles that a bouquet of flowers can bring to people you care for. 

No two floral arrangements are ever the same. So hop onto Rachel's Workshop and make your own special creation with the Home-kit that will be delivered to you a few days after you purchase!

What are you paying for?

  • 1 Home-kit
  • 7 video chapters
  • 1 downloadable PDF
  • An afternoon well spent

Lifetime access to online workshop

Workshops are pre-recorded, so you can watch them from any where, any time, and on any device, We recommend screens of 13 inches or larger for best viewing experience. 

1 x Home-kit (including delivery)

We will ship the Home-kit to you within a few days after you make your purchase. If you require more than 1 Home-kit, chat with us using the icon at the bottom right hand corner.

What will you make?

Your very own floral arrangement 
Ever wondered how discrete stalks of flowers come together to become something so pleasing? Make your own!
A creation you'd be proud of 
This far from simply putting together a bunch of flowers tastefully. Express your creative self through your work. 
Make someone's day!
Make one for yourself, and perhaps one for your loved one(s). Take pleasure in the joy that flowers bring to others. 

What materials will Lokal deliver to you?

We will deliver to you everything you need to participate in Rachel's workshop and to create your one-of-a-kind floral arrangement. 

1) A bunch of fresh flowers curated and handpicked by Rachel (untrimmed; you'll trim them during your Workshop). They will most likely differ from what you see here. 
2) Tools needed to condition and prepare your flowers
3) Glass vase
4) Oasis flower foam

Workshop content

Itching to make your own flower arrangement? Purchase Rachel's workshop & Home-kit now!


Rachel x The Weekend Florist

Rachel's passion for flowers have taken her to many places. From leaving her corporate gig, to setting up her own business for the first time, she's excited to go one step further and share her skills and knowledge in floristry to anyone out there interested in this craft. 

When Rachel is not with her flowers, she's out there in the sun golfing or appreciating a good cuppa at @whitetree_cafe. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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