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Matcha Home Cafe Workshop | Naoki Matcha

Ever wanted to make your favourite matcha drinks at home but lost on where to start or what to buy? Naoki Matchs's Workshop & Home-kit provide the matcha, tools and guidance you need to do just that.

What are you paying for?

  • 1 Home-kit
  • 7 video chapters
  • 4 downloadable PDFs
  • An afternoon well spent
  • Impressed friends and family

Lifetime access to online workshop

Workshops are pre-recorded, so you can watch them from any where, any time, and on any device, We recommend screens of 13 inches or larger for best viewing experience. 

1 x Home-kit (including delivery)

We will ship the Home-kit to you within a few days after you make your purchase. If you require more than 1 Home-kit, chat with us using the icon at the bottom right hand corner.

What will you make?

Matcha Latte (2 ways)
Impress your friends and family with this cafe classic. No fancy equipment needed!
Dirty Matcha Latte
When you want both matcha and coffee in one drink. Simplified so anyone can make this at home. 
Matcha Coconut Water
A light and refreshing beverage you can enjoy on a hot day or after a workout. 

What materials will Lokal deliver to you?

We will send you the key tools and ingredients needed to participate in the Naoki Matcha Home Cafe Workshop. 

  • 2 packets (30g each) of Naoki Matcha’s Barista Blend Matcha.
  • 1 can (30g) of Naoki Matcha’s Superior Blend Matcha.
  • 1 set of measuring spoons
  • 1 bamboo whisk OR 1 electric frother

Workshop content

Itching to make your own matcha drinks at home? Purchase Naoki Matcha's workshop & Home-kit now!


Naoki Matcha

Naoki Matcha is a Singaporean-owned matcha company that had its start in the USA back in 2016. Today, it offers some of Singapore’s best selling matcha products and remains dedicated to the mission of making matcha accessible to all. 

Try Naoki Matcha today at Shopee, Lazada or Amazon.com.
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